“Engaging, Entertaining and Informative Presenter”

Andrew Redfern is an accomplished speaker, having delivered presentations to various groups over many years.  With backgrounds in education, technology and theatre, Andrew endeavours to engage his audience resulting in an informative and entertaining session.  He often employs unique techniques to get the audience involved and strives to ensure questions are answered and concepts explored.

He has experience in delivering programs both in-person, via video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and also hybrid events.  Andrew works with the organising team to ensure presentations are tailored to their needs and requirements.

Specialisations & Areas of Expertise

Artificial intelligence & family history

Discover how AI is transforming the way genealogists research, document, preserve and share family histories. Based on Andrew’s own insights and experiences, learn more about the intersection of Family History and Artificial Intelligence and how this technology can revolutionize the way we understand and appreciate our family heritage.

Can be delivered in a multi-session extended program or condensed to a time frame that suits requirements.

Perfect for anyone interested in exploring the exciting possibilities of AI in the realm of family history research, and specifically generative tools such as ChatGPT. Whether you’re a seasoned genealogist or just getting started, this webinar will provide you with valuable insights and strategies for using AI to uncover your family’s unique story.

convict women in australia: ironclad sisterhood project

Ironclad Sisterhood focuses on more than 4700 women who were transported to NSW from 1788-1818, based on the original research of Jess Hill, Fellow of the Society of Australian Genealogists.  A project incorporating a website, an online searchable database, a podcast and artificial intelligence images, learn how the project came together and its ongoing development.

Possible Topics
Convict Women, Digitisation Process, Engaging Various Technologies to Retell Stories from the Past

practical technology for ALL

With a background in technology covering more than 30 years, Andrew’s goal is always to assist participants to make the most of the technology they have already invested in.  He has delivered numerous courses over the years to all age groups from Kindergarten to retirees just getting started with computers.  Participants often comment on his patience and engaging style, resulting in them learning many skills during his sessions.

Possible Topics
Excel & Spreadsheets, Powerpoint & Presentation Software, Graphics and Design using Canva, Getting the Most Out of Your Website, Get Found in Google: Search Engine Optimisation, Using the Cloud Effectively, Upskilling Zoom

DNA: Getting started with and Using Genetic genealogy

Andrew took his first DNA test in 2016 and has been working with his results since then to verify his family tree as well as solve some “unknown” matches.  He has also used Y-DNA as part of his One Name Study, which once again led to unexpected results.  More recently he has had hair samples tested of a relative from the 1830s.

Possible Topics
Getting Started with DNA & Family History, After the test, what comes next?, Using Y-DNA as part of a surname project, DNA Testing strategies and techniques, Genetic Genealogy Case Studies.

Digital Storytelling

Wanting to know how to incorporate images, sound and video to tell great stories?  Have lots of stories to tell but need to be inspired with ideas on how to produce outstanding narratives?  In this course, either a single standalone webinar or multi-session workshop, learn the skills of effective storytelling and how to use technology and tools already available to you to create shareable content that will appeal to all ages.

The Digital Storytelling Process, Tips and Tricks, Using Software Tools at your Disposal, Sharing your work, Key Techniques and Developing a Workflow


Let’s Talk About Colonial Australia, February 2022

Fabulous evening tonight Andrew, showcasing your never ending skill set! Was one of the best evening sessions that I think I’ve ever attended – and over the years I have attended many!! It’s a breath of fresh air to see that the ‘same old’ ways of doing things doesn’t always have to be the rule!

AI and Family History, July 2023

Thank you, Andrew. Super clear and very motivational. Presenting it in bite-size pieces is perfect. A brilliant session.

Powerful Visual Presentations: Mastering Diagrams & Charts in Powerpoint, September 2023

Just wanted to thank you for all the work you do helping with computer programs especially how you methodically taught the Powerpoint session. It was easy to follow and with practice I have been able to succeed.

Artificial Intelligence & Family History, May 2023

This has been a wonderful webinar thank you so much Andrew, did not realise how much you can really do to help with your family history. Just having to think about the correct questions and information to give it, to get the best result. Again thank you so much.

Presenting your Pedigrees, June 2023

Once again, in my eyes at least, you were the standout presenter of the night. I think I loved especially that yours were good ideas, just using the tools we have – and I thought that was a great inclusion in the night.

Voices from the Past using AI & Technology, September 2023

I didn’t get to your live event but have just finished watching the recording.
I wanted to thank you so much – it was fantastic. I’ve used many of these tools but you have given me so many new ideas about how to present my history in such a creative way for family. Thank you.

Presenting your Pedigrees, June 2023

Andrew is an excellent
presenter – engaging with the audience and creative as he brings to life concepts and some of the latest developments on how to do family history now. His sessions provide an excellent mix of family history and technical prowess.

Weekly Friday Hangouts, 2021-2023

Andrew’s presentations draw in stories from his families with the latest tools and methodologies from family history. Music, quizzes, & interactive games! Andrew makes doing family history fun!