Travelling has been something I have done since I was 18 when I went to Italy and Switzerland for eight weeks on a Lions Youth Exchange.  I was bitten by the travel bug well and truly.  Since 2004 my partner and I have travelled the world extensively and from 2016-2020 travelled full time housesitting.  Click the image below to visit our travel blog –

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House Sitting Magazine

The following articles were contributions to the House Sitting Magazine, telling of our various adventures, tips and tricks as well as other topics of interest to the community.

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Delving into the Past While House Sitting

There are many reasons why a particular area may attract you to apply for a house sit.  Combining house sitting with family history can result in some amazing discoveries.  And it can also provide a list of places to explore in order to chase down ancestors.

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House Sitters Become Foster Parents

As COVID-19 hit and all our travel plans were cancelled, we moved back into our own apartment in Sydney, Australia. But the one thing we were missing most from our housesitting lifestyle was pets so we fostered Mavis.  She warmed our hearts and we enjoyed the cuddles.

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Rest, Relax & Reset – Working Through a Crisis

As housesitters, we have numerous skills that can be called on in a time of crisis such as a global pandemic.  Here are some of the skills we have developed as full time nomads and they will be very useful in the coming months or years.

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Does Being Nomadic Impact Your Family?

One of the things that often comes up in discussing our housesitting lifestyle is the attitudes of our family and how we deal with being away from them for extended periods of time. With planning and consideration, it can be a incorporated into this wonderful lifestyle.

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Favourite Christmas Cities: Sydney

Christmas is one of our favourite times of the year and we enjoy celebrating the local traditions wherever we are in the world. We contributed to this collaborative article about what Sydney (our home city) has to offer during the festive season where it is warm and sunny.

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All the World’s a Stage

Appearing on stage in Mexico is certainly not thing Andrew thought would happen when he started travelling full time. But an opportunity came up to appear in a production of Calendar Girls in Ajijic, resulting in many friendships and a wonderful time.

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Posing as a House Sitter

Keeping fit on the road as a full time nomad can be a challenge.  Andrew is a keen yogi and rolls out his yoga mat wherever he is in the world. Here are some tips to developing and maintaining a yoga practice including some short sequences for you to try.

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Jinxed in New Zealand

Our third house sit in New Zealand provided many challenges from pets to vehicles and home maintenance. Reflecting on such experiences, we have learnt much about our life as house sitters. Here’s our top 5 tips for other house sitters, both newbies and experienced.

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House Sitting in Darwin

Heat, storms, cyclones and snakes were all part of our adventure when house sitting in Darwin.  November is the build up to the wet season with high humidity and tremendous storms.  It ended up being a wonderful month in Australia’s northern capital.